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Matthew, Weston and Nathan are first year medical students with a passion for community health and biking. Along with Daphne, a first year Veterinary student, the 4 companions will embark on a five-week trip through 1,000 miles of rural Oregon wonder. Along the way they will be working in conjunction with the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians to facilitate community discussions on improving local healthcare options. See our photo album

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oregon Coastal Range: Check

I'm writing from the beautiful Tillamook Bay tonight. Yes, we have made it across the coastal range, in style I might add.

Our trip started with a bang yesterday morning. A great crowd saw us off from the alma mater, OHSU. Several of our classmates, faculty, organizers and well wishers were there to send us off. Thanks to all those who made it, we sure did appreciate the support and it added an extra boost to our days ride! The following photo is courtesy of friend Hanna Blake.
Out of the gate we were eager to log a healthy chunk of miles. Speed prevailed over scenery and we traded grimaces with the truckers down route 26. We made great time and were soon to the Wilson River Highway, Route 6. This section proved to be a much more beautiful and friendly. We settled down for lunch along Gales Creek before summiting the coastal range. Notice Nathan here, fresh as a daisy after a our first big climb.
From here it was a short coast downhill to our first night's camping spot along the Wilson River. We got into camp early afternoon and were quick to sit back and enjoy the summer afternoon. Matt and Daphne whipped up a delicious meal of couscous to recharge us for the next day's ride After an evening dip in the Wilson, we settled in for the night.

Our second day on the road comprised of an easy 22 miles ride to Tillamook. The scent of dairy farms grew stronger as we neared Oregon's cheese Mecca. We made a quick stop in town for groceries and then made the short trip to the Fuhrman family house overlooking the bay. After an adventurous trek around the property we cooked up some dinner and are currently settling down with the maps to scout the road ahead.

We're hoping to camp at Cape Lookout tomorrow and then have our first presentation in Lincoln City the following evening. We'll keep posting as long as often as we have i-net access. Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Way to go guys and Daphne! So happy to hear it's been smooth sailing thus far. Or should I say, riding. Your posts keep us city folk well informed. Keep them coming!