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Matthew, Weston and Nathan are first year medical students with a passion for community health and biking. Along with Daphne, a first year Veterinary student, the 4 companions will embark on a five-week trip through 1,000 miles of rural Oregon wonder. Along the way they will be working in conjunction with the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians to facilitate community discussions on improving local healthcare options. See our photo album

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coastal Update

Greetings from Newport! We're having a relaxing rest day in the city, eating cinnamon rolls at the Cafe Stephanie and enjoying life. Yesterday the Thompson's and their church members helped us depart Lincoln City by preparing a waffle send-off breakfast. Three varieties of waffle were prepared, my favorite was the sourdough but the rest of the crew favored the vegan oatmeal waffle. Their palates aren't quite as refined...

On our way south with the wind at our backs we made a stop in Depoe Bay to watch the charter boats shoot the inlet to the Bay. For those One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest movie fans, Depoe Bay was the location where McMurphy led the renegade fishing trip. I imagined myself in McMurphy's shoes, leading a group of escaped mental patients along the Oregon Coast. I don't believe that Wes, Daphne and Matt found the comparison appealing.

The cuckoos and I stopped for the night at Beverley Beach State Park last night in time to witness this -

They do sunsets pretty well out here.

This afternoon we sprint towards Cape Perpetua, so I must sign off. Thanks again to the hospitality of Lincoln City! Stay tuned for updates on our Tuesday Florence presentation.

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